Flowing not forcing


My second giving key.

Last year my word was 'joy'.

This year, synchronicity wouldn't fit, so I chose the word 'flow'.

My word for my 30th year that I'm rockin' until it's time to pass it along.

I feel like I've spent so much time in the past swimming upstream against life's current: Forcing square pegs in round holes.

Trying to pretend to be happy in situations that brought me down.

Wanting to keep people who didn't belong in my life.

So much worry and unnecessary stress.

I'm done with that. So done.

Nowadays I find myself craving and embracing more flow.

Taking more time to breathe and sort through my thoughts and emotions.

Not reacting.

And allowing people and opportunities to enter and exit my life fluidly.

No forcing.

No manipulation

All flow.

I trust that everything that's meant for me will make its way into my life, without me needing to worry about it.

God has my back. The universe knows what's what and has been taking care of me for 30 years.

One of my favorite parts about The Giving Keys is the mission behind it. You choose your word and wear the key until you connect with someone who needs your word more than you.

And then you pass it along.

"There are locks all around us. And maybe you are holding the key to someone else's freedom."

What has been your word for this year? I'd love to hear!