Me before you...notes on prioritizing self care

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I'm writing this as I'm sipping a tiny cup of warm golden milk: a nutrient packed, creamy concoction of almond & coconut milk blend, ground turmeric & ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, pepper and raw honey.

I've been wanting to try this for a while. But my excuse? Too busy.

This is just one of the many things I've added to my mental "I'll try it out later" list because there's never enough hours in the day, right?

Well, a few days prior to finally giving this potion a try, my body shut down completely.

I could feel the cold symptoms brewing when I woke up Saturday morning, but didn't think it would have me on lockdown in the house for nearly three days.  After all, I haven't been this sick in a long time.

But it did.

By Monday morning, I was at Walmart at 6am loading my cart up with everything I'd need to soldier through this cold and nurse myself back to health: herbal teas, chicken noodle soup, ginger, honey, lemon, theraflu, bone broth, turmeric orange juice, emergen-c. Check. Check. Check. All the things to ward off the sneeze attacks, itchy watery eyes, stuffy nose, and achy, pressure filled head.

Talk about a real shit show.

I was desperate to get back well as quick as possible.

But once I got home, unloaded the car and piled everything on the counter, it dawned on me  how I should be prioritizing my self care exactly like this all of the time. Not just when I'm sick.

How often do we put everything and everyone else before ourselves?

Being at home sick for the last three days found me with a lot of time on my hands.

I started reading a new book called Americanah.

I played "words with friends" with my person. 

I researched new wellness remedies and finally made the golden milk.

I slept. And I slept. And I slept some more.

I cancelled my weekly Wednesday evening yoga class I was supposed to teach.

In between, I blew my nose more times than I can count. And shed more tears than I ever have slicing an onion because well, sinuses.

I didn't do an ounce of work. And I didn't die because of my inactivity either. The world still went on without me!

I prioritized my well being above everything else and it felt pretty damn good.

While being in the midst of the holiday season, it's typical to get bogged down by the consumerist mindset and the pressure to buy all the best gifts and do all the things for everyone. To feel like you need to be at every holiday party. And even once the holidays are over, the pressure still lingers to be everywhere at once, to be as productive as possible, to be all things to all people.

To literally run yourself ragged.


You can never ever forget about the number one person who should always come first. YOU.

You can't pour from an empty cup.

You can't give something to someone else that you don't even own within yourself.

You must take care of you first.

Take some time to do things to keep you mentally, physically and emotionally well.

Don't spend your last dollar on a gift you can't afford just to make someone else momentarily happy.

Don't go out if you're really tired and need to catch up on rest.

Don't say yes to something you really don't want to do.

Don't keep pushing back that wellness class you really want to take because of an unanswered email.

Always, do all the things that make YOU feel good first.

Everything and everyone that's meant to be will be right where you pressed the pause button: waiting for a healthier, happier YOU.