Going on my first yoga roadshow!


BIG news.

I am so very excited to share that I'm going on my very first HIP HOP YOGA tour in 2018: traveling throughout the east coast, visiting all of the City Winery locations in the US.

Many may know that before I became a yoga teacher, I moonlighted as a travel writer. But as I have grown in my yoga business this year, my traveling was very limited as I became laser focused on building my brand and community in Atlanta: self made from the ground up.

But the time has finally come to expand. To grow. To merge my passions of travel and yoga together. To share what I've been working on beyond Georgia borders.

I am so humbled and blessed to have the opportunity to continue partnering with City Winery as we take this mission from a local to national scale...and my bigger dream is international. Continuing to spread the practice of yoga to everyone. All ethnicities.

In due time.

Baby steps grasshopper. Well, baby hops.

To all of my friends that live in the cities I'll be touring, I'd love if you could share this wonderful news with anyone you know. All tickets to all events can be purchased here.

Here's to the preview of an amazing 2018 <3

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