warriors in wellness: ATLANTA EDITION

a monthly curated dinner series bringing like-minded wellness ENTHUSIASTS, professionals & ENTREPRENEURS together to connect and break bread.

*SERVING FIRST DINNER, october 2019*

dinner 2 revised.jpg

how it works

each month, a diverse group of 7-10 humans involved in the wellness industry will be invited to a private dinner. invitations to participate in each monthly dinner will be sent out via email. once received, the PERSON invited will have a SPECIFIED amount of time to rsvp before their spot is passed on to another person. the location of the dinner is not revealed until 48-hours before the dinner begins. participants will not know who else will be joining them at the table until they arrive, but will be in great company, amongst other passionate like-minded individuals.

why a dinner series?

as a wellness entrepreneur, jaimee ratliff craves connecting with other people in the wellness industry who are both inspiring and passionate about the work they do. however, finding the time to connect has always been a challenge. by creating this dinner series, jaimee is making it her mission to stay intentional about bringing amazing people together to connect, collaborate and talk about all the things!