Hip Hop Yoga

A pop-up yoga experience for anyone seeking fun, freedom, community and good music in their practice.


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About The Class

if deepak and tupac created a yoga class, this would be it...

Led by certified yoga teacher (RYT-200) Jaimee Ratliff, this Hip-Hop Yoga class is an athletically powered, inspiring vinyasa flow challenging all levels, set to your favorite Hip Hop + R&B tunes. While classes are moderately heated, sweat will drip as you power your way through a series of postures to lengthen, strengthen and tone muscles. Come prepared to have fun, get playful, build community, and move to the beat however feels right for you. 


Why a Pop-Up?

Yoga should be accessible to everyone despite color, shape, size, socioeconomic status or a lack of studios within a certain area. Pop-up classes were created to reach more people of all backgrounds, right where they are.
As a lover of travel, Jaimee believes movement and change sparks creativity and growth. By practicing yoga in a mixture of studios and new unconventional spaces, we can play outside the lines, move away from what a yoga practice "should" look like, and allow ourselves to feel something new. This keeps our practice fresh, fun, creative, and always evolving...just like hip hop!

The Instructor

Jaimee Ratliff

"Despite the images we see depicted in the media, yoga is accessible to everyone: all colors, shapes, genders, sizes, and socioeconomic statuses. I want people to come to my class feeling welcome and leave feeling inspired  and confident: never judged, never alone. The goal of my pop-up hip hop yoga classes is to make this practice accessible to everyone in both creative and unconventional spaces. Spaces that inspire you to lean into your originality, embrace your uniqueness, show up how you are, feel how you want in your body, and move in ways that feel glorious for you. The music will bump, the sweat will drip, and if you feel inclined to "twerk" in downward facing dog, well, that's always welcome too.”


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